Beer & Wine Tanks and Systems, Micro Distilleries

O’Neill’s specializes in the design and manufacture of tanks and systems for the brewpub micro-brewing, and whiskey micro-distillery markets. We are staffed by experienced brewing engineers, mechanical engineers, brewers, and other support personnel.

Our specialized beer brewing services include:

  • Field Inspection of new, used or reconditioned equipment
  • Fair Market Values and Equipment Appraisals and Analysis
  • Tank and System Reconditioning Plans and Strategies
  • Project Planning, design, start-up and installation consulting
  • Beer recipe planning, brewing permits, and local zoning and site regulations
  • Design of custom and standard tanks and turnkey systems
  • Sale of engineering drawings for tanks and systems-standard or custom plans
  • Glycol, electrical, water, steam, controls and other system designs


*For select customers, and overseas and international customers we do offer our tank and system plans for sale. This allows our customers to have their tanks and equipment manufactured locally, thus savings of a great deal of money on shipping costs, tariffs, import/export taxes and the costs associated with locating used brewing systems