Tank and System Designs

All our tanks and systems offer the latest designs and safety features for pressurized and un-pressurized vessels and storage tanks.  Design features include:

    • All sanitary stainless steel design and construction (303, 304 or other steels available)
    • Sanitary welded joints and seams with a micro polish finish
    • Optional micro polish finishes include:  #4, #8 and electro polishing
    • Stainless steel pressure relief valves, fixed or adjustable
    • Stainless steel valving and outlets
    • Shadow-less manways with sanitary finishes (swing inward or swing outward doors)
    • Site glass gauges for level and volume checks
    • Dish bottom tanks, conical bottom or custom bottoms and outlets
    • Racking Arm outlets ports for fermentation and yeast propagation vessels
    • Gycol Jacketed and Insulated tanks for cooling and temperature control
    • Steam Jacketed and Insulated tanks for heating and temperature control
    • Stainless valves, piping and manifold designs
    • Computer Controlled safety valves, pumps, and other process equipment

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