O’Neill’s Equipment Company serves the following markets and industries:

  • Wine, Cider, Water storage, and other sanitary applications
  • Micro Whiskey distilleries
  • Food and Food Processing Industries (kettles, mixers, fermenters)
  • Pharmaceutical and Drug Processing Industries

O’Neill’s has experienced managers, engineers, brewers, manufacturing, and other technical personnel with many years of practical experience.  Our customers can choose from standard tank and system designs, they can supply their own designs, or we can custom design any tank or system you require.

            O’Neill’s offers the following products and services to our customers:

  • Complete planning, design, fabrication, installation and start-up support
  • Affordable tanks, systems, controls and complete turnkey system designs
  • Evaluation of used equipment, field support, and troubleshooting
  • Standard and Custom Engineering Designs and Design packages for sale
  • Piping, valves, glycol chilling, controls, electrical, and manifold system designs

  • Steam and Direct Fired Systems

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